IGKT—North America

Notice of Annual General Meeting
December 16, 2021
Zoom Meeting— Meeting I.D : 502 260 920
Time: 4:30 pm Pacific; 7:30 pm Eastern for chat/introductions
5:00 pm Pacific; 8:00 pm Eastern for AGM proper


Discussion Items:

• Utilizing social media as a tool to reach out to potential members (ropemakers, macrame groups, knitters, weavers, leather braiders & other like-minded organizations, and to service existing knot tying members. (Would any of our membership be willing to take on a role to organize IGKT- NA in the social media venue?)

• InterKnot (newsletter)
     • Hard copy vs. digital
     • Paid advertising
     • Editor or editorial team (volunteer(s) needed)

Good Welfare: General Discussion